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Caterina Davinio at CeC 2010 - India

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Who: Caterina Davinio at CeC 2010 - India
What: Video, sound, performance, and more at CeC 2010
Shankar Barua Curator
Where: INDIA - Lower-Himalayan Valley of Sattal Estate, near Bhimtal, in Kumaon, Uttarakhand
When: February 19-20-21 2010

As usual, in the Carnival of e-Creativity, in the lovely little Lower-Himalayan valley of Sattal Estate (near Bhimtal, in Kumaon, Uttarakhand), through February 19-20-21 (Friday-Saturday-Sunday), live performances and presentations by a wide range of cutting-edge e-Creative practitioners from around India and the world, together with an incredible canvas of screenings and sounds works.
In this context two recent video works by Caterina Davinio: "Ma-mma", post-dada / post pop video experiment dedicated to the mother of the artist and to the first word that every one of us has pronunced. This short video, created in 2008, became popular with the inclusion in the Venice Biennale 2009 (Détournement Venise 2009 event) at ScalaMata Gallery. In Settal will be also present "Big Splash", realized in 2009, based on digital images and digital sound on the topic of water. The photography series elaborated in "Big Splash" is part of the homonimous installation shown in 2009 in the itinerant tour EAU=O, which was in Rome at Complesso Monumentale San Michele in Ripa, at Scuderie Aldobrandini (Frascati), and at Rocca dei Rettori (Benevento), Faticart curator.

Do not miss this occasion for having a fabulous creative blast all together in India, and warmly welcome you to join over the extended weekend too, if you can.
The Academy of Electronic Arts (also known as The Academy of Experimental Arts) is a Public Benefit Trust that serves as a learning, sharing, mentoring, networking, benchmarking, empowering and broadly inclusive, but non-educational, institution
Managing Trustee & Incident Director for CeC 2010
Shankar Barua.

Co-Curator: Ima Pico (Spain) Co-Curator: Wilfried Agricola de Cologne (Germany)

To get here from Delhi
By Road ~ 6 to 7+ hours to cover about 330km, with stops, via the Nizamuddin Bridge out of Delhi >> past Hapur and Moradabad via the bypasses >> hang a left off the main highway opposite the railway station at Rampur to head for Haldwani >> from where you start climbing up past Kathgodam >> then slip down to the right, off the Nainital road, at Ranibag >> to drive upto and through Bhimtal to the Sattal Estate

By Train ~ two trains trudge between Kathgodam and the Old Delhi Railway Station everyday:

(1) the "Ranikhet Express" leaves Old Delhi at 2240 hrs, and reaches Kathgodam 0545 hrs the next morning, as Train No. 5013. On the way back, it leaves Kathgodam at 2040 hrs, to reach Old Delhi at 0355 hrs the next morning, as Train No. 5014.

(2) the "Uttaranchal Sampark Kranti Express" leaves Old Delhi about 1600 hrs, and reaches Kathgodam 2240 hrs the same evening, as Train No. 5035. On the way back, it leaves Kathgodam at 0850 hrs, and reaches Old Delhi at 1525 hrs the same afternoon, as Train No. 5036.

*Upon arrival at the Kathgodam Railway Station, grab a cab to drive upto and through Bhimtal, turn left 5 km further up at Mehragaon, and then trundle 3 kms down the road to The Sattal Estate. Total drive-time of 1-2 hours (30km~:o)

**Railway Tickets, both ways, should be purchased well in advance via the online ticketing service of the Indian Railways, or through your travel-agent. For some reason, non-Indians are advised to go for the "Foreign Tourist Quota"
CeC 2010 is part-funded by Pro Helvetia Arts Council of Switzerland.
Arts Council of England
American Music Center (Composer Assistance Program)
National Fund for the Arts, Chilean Government
The Danish Composers Society
The Wahlgren Foundation
Bandish ~ The School of Music
The Academy of Electronic Arts
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