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International Call - Artists in Residence

  • Deadline:
    June 6, 2004, midnight


Bucharest, Romania

Multi-interdisciplinary project
Open house

Dreamlike, fairy tale, childhood



A mysterious multistructured house with garden and courtyard. Space (walls, rooms, garden) can be rebuilt, redecorated, repainted.

Artists are invited to create and maintain a dreamlike, fairy tale, childhood space and atmosphere.

Artist Innana took the place and decorated and painted it inside in basic colours creating different basic spaces: La Chambre Rouge, the Yellow Room, the Jamaican Kitchen, etc. They are all open to art.

Artists from all media are invited here to spend time together and work on an interdisciplinary approach, by getting into the atmosphere of the place, use/contradict/take into account/ continue the space, the atmosphere already created.

Preexisting themes can be accepted if they are recreated in the environment, by the accent is put on artists who take the challenge to travel to the place and create original new works in situ, TOGETHER, as a COLLABORATIVE PROJECT.

Individuals or groups.

Open spontaneous encounters are encouraged.

Working individually or together, combining music, fine arts, theatre, photography, film, dancing etc., as a result of being here. It is about exchanging ideas and experiencing new individual creative experiences: musicians doing music for a short film, visual artists taking part in a theatre or performance concept, recreating the space as a set or a happening, dancers working with new music and other possible and wanted experimental approaches.

Works encouraged: mixed media, performance, installation, film, video, happening, dance, theatre, music, musical experiments, photography, poetry (all kinds), land art, fine arts etc. Open to all propositions and projects.

Special interest: dreamlike, fairy tale, fantasies, fantastic, people and space, body, body language, stories, colours, experimental theatre, music, dance, film, video, photography, fine arts.

Artists invited:
all kinds: music, theatre, dance, film, fine arts, photography, multimedia, etc.

Spaces and facilities provided:
-painting workshop
-theatre space
-possibilities of photo/media lab
-open garden (concerts, performance, projections)
kitchen, bathroom, etc.

Artists will work there and live with Romanian artists (if they choose). Contacts with Romanian artists, travels across the country, contacts for exhibitions, concerts, projections in Romania can be organized.

Artists 'works will be presented by organizing concerts, theatre shows, projections.

The works created will be exhibited in the end in the house, galleries in Romania and abroad.

The project is considered as a happening. The artists selected as a final group will take part in an artistic documentary about the event.

Those who are interested are invited to submit their works, a short presentation and a description of an idea, project to the e-mail address on the site.

Starting: TODAY

Deadline for June/July: 15.06.2004

Participation fee: 200 Euro

Contact: galbenacasa@yahoo.com

URL: galbenacasa.go.ro

We also seek financial support. We would like to know the conditions and terms in order to receive such support. Thank you.