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Hi everyone,

This Tuesday is the first evening in a year-long series of weekly conversations and exhibits in 2010 focusing on examples of Plausible Artworlds, culminating in an online and printed publication in 2011. Let’s get started!

Join us every Tuesday night - in person, or on Skype, skypename: ‘basekamp’, send a message to join the chat.

6PM - 8PM EST (East Coast, US time)

This week we’ll be talking with folks from The Public School and AAAARG.ORG. This is a rare opportunity to get people who have been involved in organizing, theorizing, participating in (or newly interested in) these projects to convene online for a couple hours in a public and open setting.

Accompanying this conversation will also be a hands-on public event to officially launch The Public School in Philadelphia, with a history of past “courses”, and plenty of room to propose new ones. Please come and join us!

AAAARG.ORG is an online pirate library integrated with The Public School - initiated by Sean Dockray with Fiona Whitton as a project for TELIC Arts Exchange at the end of 2007. The Public School is a school with no curriculum, located underneath TELIC Arts Exchange. The Public School is an open structure, or maybe a stage, on which ideas about school perform new realities. To put it another way, The Public School is invested in the idea of public space - not in the sense of state-controlled plots of land, but rather in the sense of spaces for the political.

See you all Then!

Join us every Tuesday night - in person, or on Skype, skypename: ‘basekamp’
If you come to the potluck chat in person, be sure to bring a dish :)
(basekamp space: 723 Chestnut St, 2nd floor, Philadelphia usa)


January Schedule

Week 1 - Jan 5: The Public School and
Week 2 - Jan 12: The Library Of Radiant Optimism For Let’s Remake The World
Week 3 - Jan 19: House Magic: The European squatted social centers movement
Week 4 - Jan 26: Continental Drift through the Midwest Radical Cultural Corridor

Stay tuned for an upcoming monthly schedule.
About Plausible Artworlds 2010

Plausible Artworlds is a project to collect and share knowledge about
alternative models of creative practice. From alternative economies to
open source culture and other social experiments, Plausible Artworlds
is a platform for research and participation with artworlds that
present a distinct alternative to mainstream culture.

The potlucks are free and open to the public - anyone can bring a
dish, sit, eat and drink together. The potluck discussions will be
started each week by the invited guests whose collective practice
exemplify “artworlds” that in some substantial way differ from a
prevailing and more broadly accepted “Artworld”. Corresponding
projects will be exhibited at Basekamp in support of these weekly
discussions along with a publication to be compiled at the end of the

We invite artists, educators and community members to join us every
Tuesday night - in person, or on Skype, skypename: ‘basekamp’. If you
come to the potluck in person, be sure to bring a dish :)

“Plausible Artworlds” is a project organized by Basekamp and Stephen
Wright, and has been funded by The Pew Center for Arts & Heritage
through the Philadelphia Exhibitions Initiative.

To learn more about Plausible Artworlds please visit: