And - Chapters 9-16


"Mr Thornton walked rapidly, without awaiting Dixon's slow movements. Margaret stood by the tea-table, resolved. The lines in her father's face were soft and waving, with a frequent undulating kind of trembling, the dreamy lids a considerable distance from the eyes. Mr Thornton's straight brows fell low, principally about the lips, one moment stretching from earth to sky and filling all the width of the horizon, at the next obediently compressed into a vase."

Continuing the abridged version of Elizabeth Gaskell's North and South - abridged on the principle of leaving out all the important bits. Mr Thornton's horse-obsessed mother is introduced; local girl Bessy Higgins declares a penchant for Satanism; and the servant Dixon becomes ever more sinister in her behaviour.

- Edward Picot - personal website - The Hyperliterature Exchange