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CARLO ZANNI : Flying False Colors

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Marselleria Permanent Exhibition presents Carlo Zanni

CARLO ZANNI : Flying False Colors

Marselleria Permanent Exhibition

CARLO ZANNI: Flying False Colors

December 1 - December 23, 2009

Marselleria Permanent Exhibition
Via Paullo 12/a
Milan, IT 20135
Monday to Friday, 10 am to 6pm

Flying False Colors (The Sixth Day) is a multiplatform project that unravels and reveals the link between oil consumption, politics and environmental problems in the 30 countries supervised by the Joint Oil Data Initiative, an institution founded in 2001 to estimate how much oil is requested each month by the main consumers of black gold worldwide.

In the silence of the Marselleria Permanent Exhibition, the rustle of a flag connected to a compressor modulated by a computer provides the troubling visual and audio transposition of the continuous impoverishment of the world's oil resources. The wind is programmed to blow the flag at a specific speed and in a specific direction for a period of time in correlation to the number of barrels of oil requested by a given nation and the weather in that country's capital. When, for example, the flag waves southward for 14 seconds, it could refer to the demand for oil and weather conditions in Italy, while when it blows towards the northeast for 72 seconds it could represent China.