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DIWO - CADRE build

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    San Jose

Steve Durie and I are hosting some CNC shenanigans over at the techshop (http://techshop.ws) during our winter break, December 15 - January 15 to take advantage of an unbelievable deal http://techshop.ws/gift.html we are inviting the artists we want to work with and opening it up to the public.

TechShop Membership required (min $40)
contact james -at- factorynoir -dot- com if interested
sign up for the unclass http://unclasses.org/classes/452
SJSU class credit available (for an additional outrageous fee)

we have some interesting people participating, and plan to make some cool stuff, have fun and enjoy the holidays

oh I should say too that we plan to meet on Tuesday at noon at the TechShop and figure out a schedule that works best for everyone for the month, the TechShop is located in Menlo Park.