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I am Me : You are You

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Who are you?
Are you male? Female? Gay? Straight? Black? White? Democrat? Republican? What makes you, you? Are you defined by your faith? Political affiliation? Family? Actions? How are you an individual?

As humans, we begin to define ourselves not by what we are, but what we are not. It is through this deductive process that we first develop a sense of self.

Come join me in my project of self definition.

Call: 1-888-887-3127 channel number 29204 password 123
Follow the prompts, and leave a message starting with "I am…" (eg. I am a caffeine addict)


go to http://www.imeuru.com and leave an audio clip starting with "I am…" on the contribute page (no WMA files please.)

The audio clips will be used in an installation on a later date.