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Please Participate in The Good Idea Project

  • Deadline:
    May 28, 2004, 6 a.m.

Hello. I am currently working on Phase 1 of
a project called "Good Idea." In this work,
I am exploring the history and perception of ideas
and inventions.

Some of the topics I am investigating include:

-What are the most important inventions created?
-What are examples of inventions that have had a
negative or damaging impact on society?
-What kind of ideas or inventions never get produced,
or get put on the market?

I am asking other individuals to participate in my
project by answering a series of questions on these
topics in an on-line form.

This information will be used as text components in
both a dynamic Flash web piece and a robotic video
installation. Responses from the on-line form will
determine what images and video clips will be created
and used in the pieces.

Please participate in my project, by filling out the
form at:

Also: please forward this info to others that you know. I hope
to get lots of peoples' answers!! THANKS.

Thank you - Kristen Baumlier