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Project Oriented Advanced Max/MSP/Jitter Workshop with Pure - 6Dec - Berlin

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December 16th 2009, 14-18:30 (with 30 min break) in Berlin

This workshop is intended for those who are currently working on a project and need help with its realization. Participants should be familiar with the basic concepts of Max/Msp.

* Own Computer (Mac OS X/Win XP) IMPORTANT: with an authorised Max, or a running Demo.
* Basic knowledge in computer based music creation
* Headphones
* If possible bring your own MIDI Controller or MIDI Keyboard

Teacher: Pure has been using Max/MSP/Jitter since the last ten years as his main tool for music creation. As well as being an experienced Max instructor who has taught in several Universities and Media Labs all over Europe since 2001, he is has also released many albums with such labels Mego, Cronica and Staalplaat.. More info about him can be found at
http://pure.test.at, http://www.myspace.com/pvre,

The workshop will be held in English and German.

Location: NK / Elsen Str. 52 (2. Hof) 2. Etage
12059 Berlin, DE
Telephone: +49 (0)176 20626386

Fee: Course Participation fee 40 Euros.

Registration is required for this workshop and can only be done via email to: enka_nk@gmx.de
Please register early to ensure a place. Places are limited to 12.

Note: If you are interested and cannot attend this time drop us an email and we will keep you informed of upcoming workshops, since this is the first workshop of a forthcoming series.


andre castro Nov. 16 2009 05:27Reply

Sorry, wrong date in the subject is December 16! My apologies