Performance KINO-GLAZ / KINO PRAVDA - DJ Spooky

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Paul D. Miller / DJ Spooky
New York, USA. 2009

25th of November, 6.00 PM
at Hermitage Theater, Saint Petersburg, RUSSIA

With his remix of “Kino-Glaz/Kino-Pravda” of Dziga Vertov, DJ Spooky wants to engage the 21st century fascination with realism and synthesis from archival resources and make a connection with some of the historical concepts that Vertov pioneered. DJ has re-scored and re-mixed the Vertov’s films with a contemporary soundtrack based on a combination of contemporary art’s dialectical relationship with video-montage and his work as a composer, artist, and writer. This project is just a first step along the path to understanding how cinema of the 20th century set the tone for the info-aesthetics of the 21st century.


Here is a trailer:

DJ Spooky - one of the most vivid figures of New-York underground in nineties, author of five full length albums, numerous quantity of culturological works and one of the significant specialists in multimedia art, Spooky worked with Sonic Youth, Arto Lindsay and Scanner. He got his pseudonym from William Burroughs: “I always loved his literature games with cutting and mixing of various fragments. It is very close to the work of a dj, who prepares his mixes, using scratch and different songs.”

Dziga Vertov - “Kino-Glaz” (1924): Film portrays an everyday life of a young soviet republic in various ways: work in the slaughterhouse, mill, field; making of first pioneer units and work of pioneers (for cooperatives and against tuberculosis); electrification of villages, jumps from the tower, Tverskaya street, Sukharevka and a rabble there: cocaine users, black market persons; work of Sklifosovskiy institute (saving of a suffocating guard); Kinoglaz even visited Kanatchikov’s cottage and depicted stories of insane people there. Read more on the DJ Spooky's site: