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TRILOGY image sound

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On Friday November 13 2009
Alliance Française of Miami & Società Dante Alighieriopens
“TRILOGY image -sound “.
Three Uruguayan artists get together to present an exhibit featuring
works by Mario Marinoni (paintings and boxes/sculpture mixed media); Federico
Britos, (contemporary violin compositions); and Gabriel Orenstein (video art)

“TRILOGY image - sound “ engages the viewer with the fluid of visual and sound perspective interlacing the three disciplines into a dynamic presentation.

TRILOGY image - sound
November 13 -30 2009

Mario Marinoni
Federico Britos
Gabriel Orenstein

Curated by Claudio Pastor

Friday, November 13, 2009
7:00 pm.

Alliance Française Miami & Fort-Lauderdale
Società Dante Alighieri
618 S.W. 8 Street
Miami FL 33130