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Three shows, Two months, One Artist

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    San Francisco

CONTACT: Toban Nichols, tobannichols@me.com, www.tobannichols.com

Three Shows, Two Months, One Artist

(San Francisco; October 2009) Toban Nichols, deconstructive artist and former San Francisco resident, plans a jarring takeover of the city’s local galleries, like the opening credits of the original Outer Limits. Unlike those black-and-white sci-fi shows, however, his medium favors bright color, along with databending and media manipulation, with a keen eye focused on both current and nostalgic popular culture moments and icons.

In a unique opportunity to see the work of this California artist in three venues in one season, work can be seen from various times in the artists career which culminates in his premiere of new work at his Adobe Books Backroom Gallery solo exhibition. It is unusual to have the opportunity to see so much work by one artist at one moment in the Bay Area.

Opening reception: November 12, 2009 7-10pm
Exhibition runs November 12- December 12
David Cunningham Projects
1928 Folsom Street
San Francisco, CA 94103
Open Thursdays through Saturdays, noon -6pm and by appointment
T: 415 341 1538
Press inquiries: info@davidcunninghamprojects.com

“The Tragedy Collection" Toban Nichols’ solo exhibition
Exhibition Dates: December 1, 2009 - January 10, 2010
San Francisco Gay Bisexual Transgender Community Center
1800 Market Street @ Octavia, 4th floor
San Francisco, CA
Open M-Th 12-10pm, F: 12-6pm, Sat 9am - 6pm
Press inquiries: tobannichols@me.com or center@sfcenter.org

“Oppobrium" Toban Nichols’ solo exhibition
Opening reception: December 11, 2009 7-9pm
Exhibition Dates: December 11, 2009 -January 10, 2010
Adobe Books Backroom Gallery
3166 16th Street
San Francisco, CA
Open daily 12-10pm
Press inquiries: adobebooksbackroom@gmail.com

November 12, 2009 7-10pm
His first show, “JIGSAWMENTALLAMA," is a group show which opens November 12th, 2009. “LockUp,” Nichols contribution, boasts a series of prints based around machine error: the use of texture, shape, and movement are representative of architecture, and is meant as a study and mirror of architectural ideas. Nichols’ classic video “Happy Birthday Dahling” will also be showing on a loop in the exhibition.

Tragedy Collection
December 1st-January-10, 2009
"The Tragedy Collection" is about destruction, manipulation, and the heavy pixelation of an already distorted view. The freezing in time of beauty, caught at an awkward moment stolen out of context only to be reinterpreted on a large scale for amusement of the detached.

Oppobrium, 2008
December 10th- January 10th, 2009 at Adobe books
A re-imagining of 1969’s “Vogue’s Book of Etiquette and Good Manners.”
The original book is taken apart and scanned using several machines at one time to create an exact copy of the original text. Using Optical Character Recognition, or OCR, Nichols replaced every fourth word with “pussy.” The result is less a book and more a work of Art – something that could not and should not be read cover to cover, but enjoyed as a prank or gag.

Currently residing in Los Angeles, his work has been seen internationally in SCOPE New York, SCOPE Basel, the Digital Fringe Festival in Melbourne Australia, Les Territoires in Montreal, as well as The Seattle Art Museum. Most recently he was awarded the Juror's Pick at the ArtHouse Film Festival in 2009 for his video entitled "BATTLESTATIONS!!"

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