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4th Annual ATA Film & Video Festival

  • Location:
    San Francisco

ATA celebrates original, independent and underground film & video with the 4th ATA Film & Video Festival on October 21, 22 & 23, 2009.

On Friday, October 23, ATA will present "Stories We Tell Ourselves", a program of short works that offers unique representations of the myriad facets of life by emerging and established artists.

A Poem to be Read into a Flashlight with a Microphone Placed Above the Breast of a Pregnant Mother
Tommy Becker (in person) - 2009, 2:50, DV, San Francisco, CA

To Be Regained
Zach Iannazzi (in person) - 2009, 10:00, 16mm, Williamsburg, MA

The Acrobat
Chris Kennedy - 2007, 6:00, 16mm, Canada/USA

Naomi & Irving
Laura Bouza (in person) - 2007, 4:00, 16mm/miniDV, Los Angeles, CA

Elham Rokni - 2006, 5:32, miniDV, Israel

Destination Finale
Philip Widmann - 2008, 9:15, 8mm, Germany

My Tears Are Dry
Laida Lertxundi - 2009, English, 16mm, Spain/USA

Myth Labs
Martha Colburn - 2008, 7:30, DVcam, Netherlands/USA

Paul Clipson (in person) - 2009, 7:00, S8mm, San Francisco, CA

The screenings will be followed by musical performances and the announcement of ATA Audience Awards.

In addition, two installations by local artists will be presented in ATA's gallery: "Gaze," by Mary Franck, exploring new possibilities of speculation through digital technology, and "Trace," an Intervention by Rebecca Najdowski, focusing on thresholds of humankind and the natural world.

And, the ATA Window will project a selection of experimental shorts and innovative animations during the month of October. Pieces range from Jeejung Kim's sinister, ocular - –opened eye, closed i - i closed, eye opened– - to Anna Geyer's glorious Ich bin ein junger Hupfer, a hand-manipulated color study accompanied by birdsong and yodeling.

ATA is at 992 Valencia at 21st Street. Doors open at 7pm every night. Screenings start at 7:30pm. Tickets are $7-$10.

For complete information, festival trailer and questions with the filmmakers visit http://festival.atasite.org/2009