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Lisa Stansbie The Wings

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Lisa Stansbie - The Wings ::: Vyner Street Gallery, 23 Vyner Street, Bethnal Green, London E2 9DG

1 to 14 September (Opening Event: Tuesday 1 September from 6.30pm)

For The Wings, Lisa Stansbie has created in the gallery space a fictional bar described in her earlier narrative film Apprehension (2007). Somewhere between an installation, a stage set and an elaborate frame within which to view the original film, it marks a significant departure in Stansbie’s work into a larger-scale manipulation of space and materials. Like all her recent work it has evolved through a strategy that uses the internet as a chaotic information source to generate a continuing series of connections and associations in an ever-expanding digital archive. This is used as the basis for her production of new films and object-based works that create coherent and intriguing narratives from the random threads of connection between isolated fragments of information on the web. In the case of Apprehension, the starting point is the pedigree of a racehorse, woven into a complex narrative that takes place in the bar that is rendered visible and material here.