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Media-N journal New Media Caucus CAA Conference Edition, 2009

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The New Media Caucus continues to go from strength to strength! The summer 2009 edition of the NMC journal, Media-N, focuses on the three outstanding panels and a ground-breaking exhibition (entitled “@”), all sponsored by NMC at the College Arts Association conference in Los Angeles, February 2009:

Panel chairs Lindsay Kelley, Belinda Haikes and Mike Salmond were invited to choose the approach by which their panel reports were presented in the journal, to reflect the individual character of the panel and style of the presentations. The reports include documentation/contributions/papers by Lindsay Kelley, Wafaa Bilal, Joseph DeLappe, Elizabeth Losh and Krista Genevieve Lynes (for the panel “Mail Away: War Correspondence at Home and Online”); Belinda Haikes, Robert Gero, Peter Baldes and Jenn Figg (for the panel "Space: The New Frontier"); and Mike Salmond, Eddo Stern, Ben Chang and Jon Cates (for the panel "Video Games as Medium, Future Paradigms and Practices"). Also featured is a review of the “@” exhibition by E. Marie Robertson; the show connected a physical exhibition of works at SCI-Arc, LA and a parallel exhibition in the Second Life metaverse.

We are delighted to present these reports that show the high level of new media discourse at the CAA conference and the strength of presence demonstrated by the New Media Caucus.

Rachel Clarke
Editor-in-Chief, Media-N (journal of the New Media Caucus)