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facs of life

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MUSEUM LUDVIG, KOLN (Germany) h.20.30
FILMFORUM in association with CONNECTdeleuze

screening of

by Silvia Maglioni & Graeme Thomson (2009)
(un film entre Gilles Deleuze et ses élèves)

"Facs of Life" is a film of conceptual/poetic dispositifs that charts trajectories of those affected by Gilles Deleuze’s laboratory of machinic thought at the Centre Expérimental Universitaire de Paris 8 - Vincennes (1969-1980).
The film generates its lignes d’erre and its cinematographic territories from a series of encounters: with videos of Deleuze’s courses at Vincennes made by a group of militant cineastes; with several of those who attended the seminar and who appear in these images; with the woods of Vincennes where the university buildings (pulled down in 1980) once stood; with students of the new Paris 8 university at St Denis; and inevitably with the phantoms of revolution that continue to haunt our desires.

contact : lesfacsoflife@gmail.com