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30 July - 15 September 2009
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Visualcontainer is glad to presents monography of Philipp Geist, multimedia and live video performer, on
august till september.
This exhibition is a overview about Geist works: live performance, multimedia installation, festival, etc..

A self-taught artist based in Berlin since 1999, Philipp Geist (VIDEOGEIST) works internationally through the
media of video, performance, photography, and painting. In 2008, he projected his video installation Time
Fades across the Piazzetta open space of the Kulturforum in Berlin. In 2007, he screened his video
installation Time Lines on the facade of the museum for contemporary art Palazzo delle Esposizioni in the
center of Rome. His projects are characterized by a complex integration of space, sound, and moving
images. Time plays an important conceptual role in his work, in which this apparently fixed and constant
variable is repeatedly subjected to variations.
Music and sound are central elements of Philipp Geist’s work. He enters into a dialogue with music in many
of his creations, and this influences the speed, the intensity of the effects, the degree of abstraction, the
colorfulness, and also the content of his images. In the course of this process, visual configurations can
emerge that do not necessarily accompany the music, but instead challenge it.
The moving image is not given a subordinate role to the music, rather, the two media enjoy equal status. In
this way, Geist seeks to overcome the dependency of image on music frequently found in the genre of concert and club visuals.

Selected Videos:

TIME LINES Facade Video Installation
07./ 08. September 2007 (ReOpening/ Notte Bianca)
Palazzo delle Esposizioni (Roma/ Italia) (2007)

TIME FADES Video Installation
26. Jan 2008
Kulturforum / Piazzetta (Berlin/ Germany) (2008)

Video Installation 15.May 2009
Geneva Palais Eynard, Parc des Bastions (2009)

Philipp Geist + Fabrizio Nocci
Live Audio/ Visual Set
Berlin 2008

15 Hertz
The Beginning of Time
Audiovisual Performance
Solu aka Mia Makela (Finnland) Visuals,
Philipp Geist (Berlin) Visuals,
Fried Dähn - Sound,
Thomas Maos - Sound,

Württembergischer Kunstverein
Audiovisual Performance

RIVERINE ZONES 2006 - 2009
Water video installation
ongoing site-specific installation project

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