A+, Cosas que nunca te conté

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Festival Chalon dans la rue, Chalon/s. FRANCIA.
22 a 25 de julio 2009

A dance-theatre piece with video, written and directed by Inés Boza with Senza Tempo.

Aprox. 1h of duration.

Premiere: 30 de mayo 2008 at the Pinar de Antequera within Tac / Valladolid.

A+, Cosas que nunca te conté is a piece that uses the contemporary language of dance theatre. It combines elements of circus and video art to talk about nomadism in the 21st century.

It takes place in and around a caravan, a symbol of those that leave, a symbol of utopia, liberty and a symbol of transit of this "no man's land" between expulsion of ones' origins and an uncertain future. A caravan as a screen for projections, which submerge us into different levels of reality.