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Summer Session

  • Location:
    New York

For Immediate Release: (BROOKLYN) Follow the story of a summer growth spurt…

Curated by Rebecca A. Layton & Paige King

Dates: July 11 - August 31, 2009
Opening Reception: Fri July 11, 8pm-10pm
Online at: http://summersession101.blogspot.com
Hours: Consult www.damstuhltrager.com for summer hrs.

Contact: Dam, Stuhltrager Gallery
38 Marcy Avenue. Brooklyn, NY 11211
L to Lorimer. Exit near token booth. Metropolitan under BQE. Left on Marcy. (3 bl from train)

Dear Press Release Reader,

In short, the curatorial concept of SUMMER SESSION initially was to focus the gallery's time, money and energy meaningfully into an artist's development and the creation of artwork. The show's premise was to promote creating something substantial and endearing beyond presentation. The gallery space would be used as the artist's studio. The artist, creation process, and progress of public/gallery/guest VIP interaction over the summer would comprise an evolving exhibit exploring relationships within the art world.

Utilization of the gallery as a studio space was immediately scrapped when the artist selected from the Open Call, Jerry Blackman, pointed out that he'd work better in his current workspace - a fully equipped studio with all tools and comforts needed. It only made sense to adjust SUMMER SESSION to maximize the resources available. At its heart, SUMMER SESSION is a response to the market's inevitable reconfiguration of appropriating resources.

All involved came to the same conclusion. Mr. Blackman would work from his studio. The gallery space would be used to explore the process and progress of an artist by exhibiting ideas for new works as they develop. SUMMER SESSION morphed to include a large new work completed throughout the duration of the show and a cluster of raw drawings added to, drawn from and modified while Mr. Blackman works.

As the exhibit became more self aware of its ability to inquire into art's process and progress, it became increasingly necessary to juxtapose a like-minded inquiry into the art world's process and progress. With this intention, I'm very excited (albeit feeling naked) that Jerry Blackman and Dam, Stuhltrager decided every text, pc, cv, photo draft and email discussion will be printed weekly and hung as part of the exhibit.

All materials throughout the course of the show are posted online at http://summersession101.blogspot.com. Viewers are invited to become exhibition participants by contributing comments. Every comment will be printed and included in the physical gallery space offering a diverse, unique and utterly sincere perspective.

Essentially, SUMMER SESSION grew beyond its conception to become more aware of what it was born to be. Instead of constricting natural growth of a project as a gallerist (who stands to lose any control of the exhibit in her space and be seen sourly), I recognize it is more important to be apart of what this project is becoming: a true exploration of the relationship of art - artist - gallery - art world - public.

Come what criticism may, I look forward to SUMMER SESSION's viewers and guest VIPs contributing to a truly open dialogue.

-Leah Stuhltrager
Dam, Stuhltrager Gallery

Jerry Blackman’s sculpture and installation art stood out as a refreshing contemporary take on incorporating symbolism and iconography. Latent with a very current view of ageless visuals, Blackman’s work carries on an identity that is youthful and inquisitive. Mr. Blackman is a recent graduate of Cooper Union.