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4 July - 30 July 2009
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Bosnia&Herzegovina Videoart

Republic of Srpska
Bosnian video art (video Scene:Republic of Srpska) is represented by three varieties: on first place there are
works that refers on recent war and post traumatic elements in society (Dajan Spiric, Igor Bosnjak), but on
the second side there are works that refers on some universal problems and ideas of media and art (Mladen
Bundalo, Nenad Malesevic, Dragana Andjelic), and on the tihrd side there are works that refers to questions
of personal identity and social identity (Borjana Mrdja, Bojana Tamindzija). This selection (compilation) of
video art is a part of 3 video project that is some kind of “other” independent scene inside
Bosnia & Herzegovinia that represent institutional art. Those works that are traying to open problems and
question of memory have influenced by war, and post war atmosphere instead of those works that refers on
collective identities and ontological problems which have influenced by artistic and personal trauma.
By Igor Bosnjak

Selected Artists:
Mladen Bundalo: Simulating Dualism 2009 - 3’19”
Dragana Andjelic: Tranformation 2007 - 2’57”
Dajan Spiric: I love world peace 2009 - 4’20”
Bojana Tamindzija: Serbian fairy tales 2008 - 4’22”
Borjana Mrdja: Almost perfect work 2009 - 5’02”
Nenad Malesevic: The butter 2007 - 3’19”
Igor Bosnjak: Bosnian moon 2009 - 3’47”

About Curator:
Igor Bosnjak
Born in Sarajevo 1981. Author and one of the curators of video project. Works and
explore in fields of new media based art, experimental film, video art and paintings. Also work as a freelance
theoretician and explore in frame of new film and video theoretical and artistic platforms.Live and work in
Trebinje(Bosnia) and Belgrade(Serbia).

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