Art Following the Trend? Artists’ Voices.

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Art Following the Trend? Artists’ Voices.
Kunst im Trend. Artists’ Voices.

a study conducted by Alexandra Reill and produced by kanonmedia amongst international and Austrian artists on their self-understanding and definitions of their roles and functions in society as well as on their earning capacity and a research on contemporary developments of Creative Industries culture policies on EC- and national levels
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Participating Artists and Cultural Workers

Our thxs go to all artists who participated anonymously in the survey Art Following the Trend? Artists' Voices.

Participants in [Public] Video Interviews and Panels:

Michael Aichhorn, painter/actor/director, A
Evrim Asutay, singer/actress, TR
Stefan Bläske, theater researcher, A
Sini Coreth, fine artist, A
Ricarda Denzer, video artist/film maker, A
Korhan Erel, sound artist, TR
Murat Ergin, painter, TR
Heidulf Gerngross, architect, A
Genco Gülan, performer/media artist, TR
Yesim Gülan, actress/theater director, TR
Amina Handke, participative media broadcasting, A
Kurt Hofstetter, media artist, A
Leander Kaiser, painter/philosopher, A
Gerald Kofler, journalist/photographer, A
Tina Leisch, theater-/film director, A
Franziska Maderthaner, fine artist, A
Elizabeth McGlynn, fine artists, A
Alexander Nikolic, film maker/communication guerilla, cosmopolitan
PRINZGAU/podgorschek, art in public space/concept art/fine art, A
Barbara Putz-Plecko, art & art pedagogics, A
Marie Ringler, cultural policies, A
Stylianos Schicho, painter, A
Marika Schmidt, film maker, A
Walter Stach, fine artist/art mediator, A
Paul Stepan, culture economist, A
Eve Tsirigotakis, TV journalist, GR
Leen Vandereyken, author/theater director, B
Frederik de Wilde, media artist, B
Michael Wimmer, art mediator, A
Herbert Wulz, in-/exformatic designer, A

Participants in the Public Text Interviews:

Nicole Baier, film-/video-/media artist, A
Sarawut Chutiwongpeti, mixed media/video installationen, THA
Anita Hafner, visual artist, A
Jeremy Hight, concept art/text/music, US
Salvatore Iaconesi, artistically inclined being/process art/media artist, I
Mandana Alavi Kia, dancer/performer/singer/painter, IR
Brigitte Neufeldt, media artist, D
Alexander Stanzel, fine artist/photography, A
Myriam Thyes, media artist, D

Concept, coordination, moderation, research and study: Alexandra Reill
Technical Coordination Live Interview Screenings: Herbert Wulz
Camera: Katharina Ebner, Markus Mitmesser, Alexandra Reill, Eve Tsirigotakis, Oscar Wlaschitz
Transcriptions/Editing: Alexandra Reill
Production: kanonmedia
12/24, richtergasse, a 1070 vienna,
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Art Following the Trend? Artists' Voices. was supported
by the Department of Science and Research
and the Department Local Acitivities 1070 Vienna
of the Department of Culture of the City of Vienna.
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Vienna/Gümüslük, 2006-2008
ngo for new media
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a 1070 vienna

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