Visualcontainer@CROSSTALK Budapest

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VisualContainer selection at Crosstalk International Videoart festival in Budapest
Crosstalk is a year around program dedicated to broaden he public for video art in expading viewers’ experience in shared spaces, but it also aims to create new chanals for critical discourses in opening dialogues between artists, curators and „videolovers” from all overthe world.

crosstalk video art festival is an video art exhibition, which takes place in Budapest once a year.
Following the sucess of the 2008, the second edition of crosstalk video art festival will be held at Gödör Klub
on 25-30 June, 2009.

Crosstalk video art festival brings to Budapest contemporary art scene a prospective: intertwines people
thought art and urban environment. crosstalk video art festival aims to create an interlock network of viewers
and artists in which new forms of embodiment emerges throughout the experience of connecting art and the city.

Visualcontainer' s selected artists:

Rebecca Agnes
Riccardo Arena
Alessandra Arnò
Elena Arzuffi
Silvia Camporesi
Barbara Brugola
Tomoko Nagao
Luca Christian Mander
Patrizia Monzani

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Special Thanks to CROSSTALK Videoart Festival Bupapest Hungary.