++ Call for short digital films ++

  • Deadline:
    June 27, 2002, 1 a.m.

We are looking for international artists making innovative short films (less than 2.5 mins long) that create impact in this time frame for a gallery and online exhibition.

Films will be projected in the windows of the Deluxe Gallery, London from 2-5 August 2002 with an opening event 2 August, the films will continue to be hosted on a website to which curators, artists and filmmakers are encouraged to subscribe to a monthly email with a short film attached, therefore continuing the exhibition in the form of a viral email.

Films should be submitted on VHS, miniDV or CD to the following address:
Unit 1, Gladiator Works, Gladiator Street, London SE23 1NA.

DEADLINE is the 22nd July 2002.

For more information and to join the mailing list, please have a look at http://www.redleaderindustries.com/deluxe or do not hesitate to email me.

Apologies for the short notice and we very much look forward to hearing from you.