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Performance, screening and installations by:
+ Siegfried A. Fruhauf
+ Michael Kargl, aka carlos katastrofsky
+ Joerg Piringer

Location: http://fluc.at (Fluc am Praterstern)
Date: 06-17-2009, 9pm
Information: http://cont3xt.net/blog/?p=1356

The exhibition TIMEBASED, IN PRINCIPLE in the Viennese club Fluc presents three artists whose practice in the fields of film/video, visual arts and literature is immediately interwoven with the principle of time. Without remaining on a formalistic level Siegfried A. Fruhauf, Michael Kargl (aka carlos katastrofsky) and Joerg Piringer combine questions of material and form with the discursive dimensions of contemporary media art. Alongside the traces of time - created on its way from the past to the future - the artists reflect the momentariness and ephemerality of medial manifestations as well as the parameters of perception which are bound to it. As a moment in a continuum, as a continuity of a procedure, as a sequence of events: time is the starting point to go beyond the strings of existence of the different media, it does not grind the circuit of (self-)reflections to a halt.

Project powered by:
Cultural Department of the City of Vienna
Fluc am Praterstern