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A fragmented relation

A fragmented relation Original French title : Relation entrecoupée
2009, 15 min. Subtitles in English.

A webcam mediated conversation treated to reveal the significance of void in regular human intercourse.


Images and sound: Annie Abrahams and Nicolas Frespech.
Editing : Annie Abrahams, residency Artelinea - Art Contemporain, Congénies.

Two images, two voices answer each other, search for the other, get lost.
During machine mediated communication, is the other most present when nothing happens, when at least I think of him, her, this other?

This video is a special version for the internet, an adaption of the two channel installation version showed for the first time at PPCM in Nîmes from 6 to 15 Mars 2009. This installation was also presented the 10th of Mars 2009 at ERBA, Valence during a workshop with the students.
Source images and sound : A webcam presentation 6 Mars 2008 by Annie Abrahams and Nicolas Frespech concerning the video "One a puppet of the other" in the Contemporary Art Centre, CAC, Le Quartier in Quimper, France.