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AC [Institute Direct Chapel] Openings

  • Location:
    New York

AC [Institute Direct Chapel] Presents
The 3rd Anniversary of the Work’s Premiere: Thursday, May 7th between 6-8pm


Richard Kostelanetz (2006)

With Featured Performers:
Laura Barger
Holly Crawford
Margaret Lancaster
Paige Taggart
Trio: Robert Dick, Joshue Ott and Morgan Packard

The AC [ Institute Direct Chapel ] continues in its performance series offering a program of a sole work—though presented in a fashion that is decidedly not solitary. With Richard Kostelanetz’s score Openings as our starting point, we traverse discipline and media offering a glimpse into the infinitely mutable possibilities of his work. What depth Kostelanetz’s work offers, in turn also reveals much about the reader, the interpreter, the performer. As such we are pleased to present 5 multi-faceted “versions” of this work highlighting the following performers in their unique renderings and also inherent collaboration with the score: Laura Barger; Holly Crawford; Margaret Lancaster; Paige Taggart; and Trio: Robert Dick, Joshue Ott and Morgan Packard.

AC’s mission is to advance the understanding of art through investigation, research and education. It is a lab and forum for experimentation and critical discussion. We support and develop projects that explore a performative exchange across visual, verbal and experiential disciplines. We encourage critical writing that challenges conventional expectations of meaning and objectivity as well as the boundaries between the rational and subjective.

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