Seeking contributors for Australian Museum exhibition - All about Evil

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The Australian Museum in Sydney is developing an exhibition with a working title "All About Evil", for display in late 2010.

The developers are engaging social media and seeking contributions through the exhibition development process via a blog and Facebook group. Throughout the development process the museum would like comments and feedback on themes and specific content for the exhibition. This is a rare opportunity for the audience to join in workshopping ideas and help shape the content and context of the display. Contributors are asked to think about the evolution of evil, from strong spiritual and mythological references to its secular contemporary human connections, and how this may be represented in a museum display.

The exhibition will not take a 'classical' museological approach to the topic, rather it is intended that the exhibition select a range of contemporary belief systems and historic narratives to explore both the popular and exotic concepts of evil and how these concepts have shaped cultural perceptions and behaviour.

The topic of Evil is very much of our time: controversial, explicit and challenging with a powerful mixture of contemporary, pop culture representations strategically salted with historic and traditional references. The exhibition will consider how people from across different places and times have thought about, confronted and depicted evil - and how these have shaped our sense of evil today.

All new members and comments are welcome on the blog and Facebook group at the details below.

We look forward to your contributions!

Contact Information
Exhibition Project Coordinator - Bliss Jensen
Facebook group -
Office - Australian Museum, 6 College street Sydney Australia 2010