Just Leap In announces 3D platform for media sharing

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Just Leap In is a 3D social network that allows users to quickly and easily create and maintain a 3D presence on the web.

Users create spaces which can be populated with props and saved for others to view in the browser. A 3D space may be embedded and viewed in a blog or web page, like an interactive youtube video. Current users create educational displays, galleries of artwork, video installations, music listening rooms, minigames and other ambitious projects.


Users can embody avatars and occupy these virtual spaces, where they may collaboratively edit contents and interact with each other. The spaces use full Newtonian physics and have been used to demonstrate physical principles and create kinetic sculptures.

Using a simple point and click interface, Just Leap In lowers the barrier for 3D creativity online within reach of the average computer user, and opens a rapidly developing platform for artistic expression and innovation to New Media enthusiasts and professionals alike.