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Chicago's dorkbot restarts Thursday April 2 at 7 PM at Enemy Sound!

What is a "dorkbot"?! The idea of the international dorkbot network is of "people doing strange things with electricity" and meeting in informal, friendly environments to discuss their projects. These projects could include hardware hacks, New Media Art projects, creative code, circuit bent musical instruments or wild DIY garage science!

On Thursday April 2, current dorkbot Chicago organizers jonCates and Jake Elliott will give a short presentation on the past, present and future of dorkbot in Chicago. The artist-run organization Enemy Sound will host and Todd Bailey will present a sneak peak at a new project.

Dorkbot veteran Todd Bailey will demonstrate his latest project, "Where's the Party At v1.0", an 8-bit audio sampler in kit form. Todd is a Chicago-based electronic engineer & musician, well known in these parts for his work on the Camp Gay art space and in the band Voltage. More details about Todd and WTPA can be found at:


dorkbot Chicago:


Enemy Sound
1550 N. Milwaukee Ave 3rd Fl.
Chicago, IL 60622