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Twerformance Art Statusing

All it takes is a single tweet.

On the week of March 23, artist An Xiao will be hosting a Twitter-based flash mob/large-scale "statusing" (i.e., online happening) and is hoping to get at least 500 people involved. If you use Twitter, please add http://www.twitter.com/platea as a friend, and you'll receive further information as the day gets closer. Don't worry if you don't think you'll have time - the important part is joining and spreading the word.

An Xiao is a photographer and digital media artist exploring issues in contemporary social media. Her Twitter-based art projects have been featured with the Brooklyn Museum, the Guardian UK and a forthcoming article with NYFA Current. She recently founded @Platea, a collective of artists and non-artists who are an interest in the power of public art carried out in the digital megacity of social media. More information about @Platea can be found at http://plateastweets.blogspot.com.