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RESEARCH PROJECT - Call for participation

  • Deadline:
    Feb. 17, 2004, 10:05 p.m.

Please upload any and all instant messenging (IM) conversations to
iKatun's new research database, "reimaginings".


Steal them from friends, spy on your enemies. Copy and paste your IM
conversations into immortality through our Reimaginings Prism Engine
2004 rX. Watch them reenacted through text2speech and google. All in the
service of science, progress and perfection.

With your help we can develop rSpectrum 2.0 – the perfect color
spectrum. Every visit, every upload, every survey filled out helps usher
in a new age in color modelling, informatic dynamism and precision

Kanarinka and the iKatun research team

February 16, 2004
Turbulence Commission: /reimaginings/ by iKatun
Instructions: Turn your sound on and get Flash Player 6+

/reimaginings/ is a research project that aims to augment the Newtonian
7-Color Spectrum by developing a more appropriate model for the digital
age: rSpectrum 2.0. It has become apparent that the 7-C Spectrum and the
color models that evolved after Newton's discovery (RGB, HSB, CMYK,
L*A*B, et. al.) are inadequate for the contemporary practitioner in the
arts and sciences.

/reimaginings/ returns to the classical 7-C Spectrum and its fundamental
truths as the departure point for this study. By applying various
analytic-conceptual models [Newtonian, Chronological, Nodal,
Reenactment], natural language processing (IM conversations) and custom
digital and telecommunication technologies [notably, the Reimaginings
Prism Engine 2004 RX (patent pending)], rSpectrum 2.0 will be a more
perfect representation of the perceptual and conceptual phenomenon of
color in the current age of complexity and informatic dynamism.

/reimaginings/ is a 2003 commission of New Radio and Performing Arts,
Inc. (aka Ether-Ore) for its Turbulence web site. It was made possible
with funding from the LEF Foundation.