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TESTCARD: Available to download now
until the 17 March 2009

Francesca Anfossi, Caline Aoun, Simon and Tom Bloor, Cut Up, Karen Tang, Bedwyr Williams, Simon Woolham

Seven artists have produced new work based around the traditional BBC Testcard to be broadcast live throughout February and March 2009. The broadcast, viewable through downloadable software beams the artists' work to computer desktops where it is automatically updated every time the computer (or the application) is restarted, continually projecting new artist images. The application will automatically uninstall itself and the broadcast will come to an end on the 17th of March 2009. TESTCARD is the first initiative undertaken by PROJECKT, a new curatorial platform operating internationally across actual and virtual sites. Curated by Charlie Danby and George Unsworth in collaboration with artist Rob Smith.

View the press release at www.projeckt.org.uk
DOWNLOAD TESTCARD at www.projeckt.org.uk