Tristan Perich (with Ensemble Pamplemousse) at the Stone

  • Location:
    New York

Tristan Perich at the Stone
with Ensemble Pamplemousse
Compositions with 1-Bit Music

This Saturday, February 21st, three new and recent compositions by Tristan Perich for ensemble with 1-bit music will be performed at the Stone (curated this month by Shannon Fields). The recital marks the premiere of a new work composed for Ensemble Pamplemousse, his first composition exploring white noise as a basis for sound. Computationally, pure oscillation and total randomness occupy opposite ends of the information spectrum, yet both are found in the foundations of sound and pattern, and this new body of work on white noise explores this domain. Two other pieces involve pure tones: one for three violas, the other featuring Perich on piano.


- 1/4 Revolution
For three violas and three-channel 1-bit music
Performed by Nadia Sirota, Elizabeth Weisser and Andrea Hemmenway

- Intersticials
For flute, violin, cello, percussion and three-channel 1-bit noise
Performed by Ensemble Pamplemousse: Natacha Diels, Kiku Enomoto, John Popham, Andrew Greenwald

- Improvisation (Piano)
Performed by Tristan Perich

Tristan Perich at the Stone
February 21, 2009, at 8PM sharp
At The Stone
North-west corner of 2nd Street and Avenue C, New York City