The Fifth Day

This is the new Carlo Zanni's project:

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Carlo Zanni
Beam Me Up [/size]

"The Fifth Day" is a sequence of ten pictures showing a taxi ride, edited as a slide show on music by Kazimir Boyle. These photos, taken in Alexandria, are ever changing networked stills because linked to critical data describing the political and cultural status of Egypt. Here, Egypt works as a metaphor to investigate topical subjects for the so called "Middle East" aiming for a comparison with the audience's birth/living country. Data, retrieved from the Internet and transforming the aesthetics of the photos, can be: the Proportion of seats held by women in national parliament (photo #2), the Corruption Perceptions (CPI) (photo #4), the Literacy rates in adult female and male (ages 15 and above) (photo #7), just to name a few. "The Fifth Day" is the second installment of a trilogy inspired by the "Three Days of The Condor" by Sidney Pollack and is launched on the occasion of Multipistes and Beam Me Up in a show held at the Meneer de Wit in Amsterdam in January 2009.

PDF with more info, Hi-Res Images and Poster, available in the PRESS section (homepage, bottom menu on the right)


A beautiful article by Giulia Simi just appeared on DigiMag #41 (Italian only, english version available from March)

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