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  • Deadline:
    Sept. 19, 2014, 11:59 p.m.


This open call is an opportunity to submit contemporary artworks that resonate with contemporary concerns including issues around energy supply, ecology, hydrology, pollution, human influenced global warming, and tensions between national and local politics and between local democracy and multi-national business. Concepts addressed in FCF manifesto, please read for further information: manifesto

With this open call FCF seeks artworks for an online platform and other future forms such as exhibitions or publications. Our view is that there is a limited forum for this type of work and we are working to address this problem while respecting different possible approaches and methodologies.

FCF invites you to consider its manifesto to present work that may already exists or generate a direct site-specific response to it.

The ultimately aim is to generate an international network between artists with shared interest, with FCF supporting and enabling new collaborations within participants of the platform.

Please send images and text to represent your work, including an explanation of the underlying research and methodology.

Any written contributions, ideas and visual material, etc will remain the property of the proposing artist.

Deadline for this open call is 19TH OF SEPTEMBER 2014, 5PM (we are happy to accept informal enquiries until that day)

For any further information contact FCF or functionalcollaborativefutures@gmail.com.
For submissions please email functionalcollaborativefutures@gmail.com with the subject line: artworks submission.