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  • Deadline:
    Sept. 15, 2014, 11:59 p.m.

This is an open call for artists who work with socially engaged environmental issues and who are fundamentally committed to a collaborative approach. FCF is more interested in philosophy and methodology of the artists than the media they are using.

In order to understand what FCF is looking for please read our manifesto (click here) FCF will be a facilitating platform where participants will apply their unique contributions to generate a shared collective product. Each participant will share responsibility in guiding the creative process.

At this stage this open call is UK based. The way the process develops is dependent upon takes part, where they are based, what they want to do and how they work.

FCF has the experience of running collaborative experiments between artists, and between artists and other disciplines. Because FCF is committed to a collaborative approach we cannot entirely define what the outcome will be and how it will be presented. We expect this collaboration to be innovative in processes of generating artwork and how authentic collaborative research can produce profound creative outcomes. As a result of the collaborative nature of the process, collaborative outcomes will have a collaborative ownership.

In order to make a proposal please send us
- your initial reflections on the manifesto and a brief proposal of how you see yourself contributing to this project (max. 250words)
- CV and recent works

During the submission stage any written contributions, ideas and visual material, etc will remain the property of the proposing artist.

Deadline for this open call is 15TH OF SEPTEMBER 2014, 5PM (we are happy to accept informal enquiries until that day) EXTENDED DEADLINE.

For any further information contact FCF or functionalcollaborativefutures@gmail.com.
For submissions please email functionalcollaborativefutures@gmail.com with the subject line: collaborative residency proposal.