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Call for Participation: Improvised Electronics Round Robin Fall 2014

  • Deadline:
    Sept. 1, 2014, 11:05 p.m.
  • Location:
    Culturehub, 47 Great Jones St, New York, New York


The Next Improvised Electronics Round Robin will be held on September 14th at Culturehub in NYC. We are currently seeking submissions for the Fall 2014 Improvised Electronics Round Robin Season, happening in September and November.

The Round Robin serves as a platform for tool builders and people experimenting with art and technology performance to come and workshop their projects in an open and encouraging environment. The Round Robin strives to maintain an open atmosphere dedicated to inventive performability and signal processing systems.

Performers are to play as solo instrumentalists with either audio, video, or audiovisual performance systems. Solo electronics performers set up in a circle and play short 10 minute interlocking sets in a clockwise fashion. Depending on the technical limitations of the space, all performers patch into mixers, or cables are passed around accordingly.

We are looking for artists and engineers creating new and unusual ways of performing sound and media that challenge the relationship of performer to electronic media. Our focus is on technical systems, which includes Generative, Interactive Interfaces, Circuit Bent Instruments, Electroacoustic Processing Systems, DIY Synths, Modular Synths. Video Performers are encouraged to participate, especially if they are using Generative Software systems, Custom Dataflow Processing Patches, Circuit Bent Instruments, Custom Circuits, or Modular Video Synthesizers.

To participate please send the following information to eric.drasin@gmail.com No later then September 1.


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