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Please join us on Monday January 26th, 20h30 Paris time, for a multilingual web performance by Jean François Blanquet (Bruxelles) in the "Double Bind" series of panoplie.org.

A meeting between jeanfrançois blanquet and TITsANUS.

"jeanfrançois Blanquet is an inventive, talented and complete artist, he builds prudently, step by step, his language in the middle of the noise of chatter and visual exchanges.
Without relent he ventures into the adventure of acceleration, he wants all always faster in order to make always more noise. One can say that jeanfrançois blanquet works to accelerate the world." (TITsANUS, 1-2009) http://myspace.com/titsanus

jeanfrançois blanquet is a multimedia artist working in dance, in theatre, sound poetry, music and video. He specializes in multicast improvisation. http://cromix.free.fr

Access to the performances is open to all. You only have to connect to http://2008.panoplie.org/DoubleBind on Monday the 26th at 8.30 pm GMT+1 (Paris local time). Please follow this URL http://www.worldtimeserver.com/convert_time_in_FR.aspx?y=2009&mo=1&d=26&h=20&mn=30 to find your local hour.
However, you will have to subscribe to panoplie to obtain a password in order to participate in the chat. (Top left of the screen)

Hope to meet you there.
Annie Abrahams

More information about the Double Bind series: http://2008.panoplie.org/files/doublebind/PC_DB_PL_eng.pdf