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LPM 2014 Eindhoven - Workshop: LivePerformance w/ Cinder with Reymenta visuals

  • Deadline:
    June 24, 2014, 3 p.m.
  • Location:
    Lab-1 , Eindhoven, NL

LPM 2014 Eindhoven | WORKSHOP FOCUS:
LivePerformance w/ Cinder with Reymenta visuals [120 €]
June 27-28 | 17.00 - 21.30 | Lab-1
- - - - - -
Learn to code in C++ with the Cinder framework!

We'll start with the basics:
Cinder setup with Git
New project generation using extension blocks with the Tinderbox app
Anatomy of an app (setup, update, draw)
Setup the development environment: use Visual Studio 2012/2013 (express or pro) or xCode
Learn about the project architecture: setup, update, draw
Use blocks for warping, audio, midi, osc
Use blocks for devices: kinect, leapmotion

Then the teacher will show visual effects on the GPU with pixel shaders (GLSL), and output to Resolume via Spout or Syphon.