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Live Visuals for Performance and Installation: A Workshop in GPU Accelerated Video within Max MSP Jitter

  • Deadline:
    June 24, 2014, 11 a.m.
  • Location:
    The Hacktory , 3711 Market Street, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, 19104, US

In this 6-hour workshop we will explore the OpenGL framework within Max MSP Jitter to create custom software for Live Visuals in Performance and Installation. We will look at Blender (a free and open source 3D modeling software) to build our own 3D object models and create wholly unique navigable worlds in Jitter. Participants will leave equipped with an understanding of GPU accelerated video manipulation and a trove of tools and reusable code to create their own Custom Interactive Video Software.

This workshop will be geared towards beginners but will dive right into 3D and OpenGL concepts in Jitter, therefore even seasoned but patient Max users may benefit from the course. Ableton Live users wishing to learn more about sound responsive Visuals in Max are also invited to participate.
Using a series of pre-made examples and reusable code we will discuss the following practices in Max MSP Jitter for Interactive Installation and Live Visual Performance:

• Importing your own Media to the World Space – Sound/Video/Still Image
• Video Mixing
• Utilizing Shader Programs for high performance video effects
• Basic 3D modeling and sculpting techniques in Blender
• Creating Real-Life Spatial Attributes for 3D Objects– Physics/Light/Texture/Material
• Manipulating Models and Media in Real-time – Spin/Move/Warp/Destroy
• Have your program react to Sound
• Video Mapping
• Technical Walk-Through for Installation and Performance Setup
• Controllers and Camera Sensors (Midi, Webcam)
• Building A Sleek User Interface for your Software

Participants should bring their own laptops (OSX Snow Leopard or later). Interested Windows users should get in touch before signing up. Depending on what Mac generation you are using, for modeling purposes, it may be necessary to obtain a mouse with a scroll wheel.

*Software should be downloaded and installed prior to workshop date. A free 30-day trial of Max/MSP Jitter is available here (cycling74.com/downloads). A full version of Blender is available here (blender.org/download) for free. If you have any questions about workshop or materials email thomasjohnmartinez@gmail.com.