Water Water Everywhere--multimedia event organizer seeks collaborators

Collaborators Sought for *Water Water Everywhere*

Filmmaker/activist turned event producer is seeking collaborators for
the following event:

Called *Water Water Everywhere?* (working title), it's a
collaborative, multi-media project inspired by *Blue Gold: The Fight
to Stop the Corporate Theft of the World's Water.* It's part
education (cold, hard facts & figures; water around the world), part
celebration (folk tales about water, gorgeous/wonderful water stuff
like fountains, images, interactive games), part wake-up call
(every-day places we find water/don't take it for granted), part
activist tool kit (here's what *you* can do to protect water/input
from audience from their ideas and experience).

The project will also have an international component. Ideally, it
will travel. Another possibility is that it will go on simultaneously
in several places linked via the Internet. The most likely target
dates are March 16-23, 2003, when the 3rd World Water Forum takes
place in Japan. I work part-time as technical director for Democracy
Now! (a combined radio and TV show), and hope to set up live
reporting from the Forum, either via phone or ideally, by video link.

I'm based in New York City, where I hope Water Water will take place
in a non-traditional venue, one close or in a busy area so that
potential audience can just happen upon it. I'm talking with Free
Speech TV about using their CyberCar to satellite cast the event live.

I'd like to involve artists working in a wide range of media,
including live performance. Interested artists include storyteller
Laura Sims and the acrobatic dance company Lava. Videos and films
relating to water will also screen. I'm eager to include artists
working in new media.

konscious.com has agreed to host web-related activities.

I plan to facilitate a knowledge cafe in early October to bring
together interested citizens/artists/organizations to explore and
develop the event concept.

I see this project both as a celebration of water but also a catalyst
to bring civic attention to what's looking very much like a diaster
of global proportions.

If interested please contact me at angela@sparklehouse.com.

Angela Alston

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