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one night only at the Kunzelmann-Esser Gallery

Friday, December 12th 6-10pm
Kunzelmann-Esser Gallery
710 West Historic Mitchell Street, Second Floor

material is one night exhibition of audio and video installation including interactive, experimental, formalistic, and political work.

Artists Include Jesse Egan, Sean Kafer, Kim Ziegler, Kris Martinez, Nicholas Teeple, Matthew Dunlop and Garrett Gharibeh

organized by Nathaniel Stern and Ashley Morgan

with support from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee,
Peck School of the Arts, Visual Arts Department and


Alex Nodopaka Dec. 9 2008 12:39Reply

The Tangible in a Virtual Performance

I laud artistic labors
The way I praise any comedian

Among which transparent gods
Whose light-reduced travails

Worked in near-blindness
(You know, before The Word)

Are barely perceptible
Which brings to light

My next see-through
Performance installation

As yours well deserves
This poem