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The Drift

  • Deadline:
    July 1, 2014, midnight
  • Location:
    222lodge, Singel 222, Dordrecht, ZH, 3311KV, NL

The Drift
An experimental curatorial project:

222lodge invites you to submit one of your current video works. The subject and technique are free. The only limitation is a maximum length of 15 minutes.

A small committee will view every work to discover the clearest connecting direction in most of the submissions. What emerges as the main (most prominent) subject? What can be described as the leading thread?

When we established this 'main subject', we will select the works for the program in relation to this theme.

To submit: Create a folder containing your CV (pdf), some web-references and the video-file (H264). Give the folder your name. Zip the folder and send it (by use of Wetransfer or Dropbox) to lodge@singel222.nl.


Frans Van Lent Nov. 3 2014 11:40Reply

The Drift is planned to happen on November 21st at 222lodge in Dordrecht, Netherlands.
The program:
Katina Bitsicas (USA)
Emilie Crewe (Canada)
Leonid Dutov (Russia)
Clint Ents (Canada)
Anna Garner (USA)
Scott Hall/Elise Frost (USA)
Sandra Fruebing (UK)
Svetlana Gabova (Russia)
Benjamin Grosser (USA)
Constance Humphries (USA)
Allison Kotzig (USA)
Christine Lucy Latimer (Canada)
Kevin Logan (UK)
Muriel Montini (France)
Adam Norton (Australia)
Claudio Parodi (Italy)
Benjamin Rosenthal (USA)
Mauricio Sanhueza (Peru)
Weigang Song (China/USA)
Balam Soto (Guatemala/USA)
Eric Souther (USA)
Tuo Wang (China/USA)

Thank you all for your work.