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Arthur's Landing

  • Location:
    New York

Thursday, December 11

arthur's landing

Arthur's Landing is a project, an ensemble of varying dimensions and purposes, that performs music written and imagined by the late Arthur Russell, with not only a sense of recalling his life and times, but also with an view toward moving his music into the future. Arthur's diverse collection of musicians comprise the ensemble. Arthur rode the subway beyond any known limits of the downtown scene, lurked in the back of the hall observing certain musicians, and talked them into collaborating with him. The result was music informed by the social interaction of people with disparate backgrounds, both in life and in music.

Arthur's popular and disco songs are a natural vehicle for the musicians of Arthur's Landing. His interventions into technology and so-called "serious" music also find their way into the group's sensibility.

musicians include:

Ernie Brooks
Steven Hall
Peter Zummo
Joyce Kirby
Mustafa Ahmed
Elodie Lauten
Bill Ruyle
John Sherman
and special guests

8pm $15