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  • Deadline:
    April 22, 2014, midnight

Voke, a new art education research platform, is accepting proposals for visualized research objects, and submissions of completed visualized research objects, to include in its second issue, to be released October, 2014. More information, and the submission form, can be found at http://www.vokeart.org/submissions . This issue explores the theme of:

Providing models to follow is a practice often taken as granted at all levels of arts learning – from art lessons for young children built around the imitable practice of a particular artist, to the presentation of various ‘best practices’ for pre-service and in-service art educators to aspire to. Voke is seeking proposals for research that explores and questions the role the exemplar plays in arts practice and its instruction.

Must art education rely on the presentation of master works as a framing device? What alternative shapes might practice take? Can students be trusted to create without having seen a teacher-made model of the desired product? What is the impact of the proliferation of lesson-plans-as-exemplars in the education of pre-service teachers and in the practice of teachers in the field? Is the use of exemplars in arts pedagogy reflective of the artistic practice of contemporary fine artists? How are practicing artists’ relations to the work of other artists similar to or different from the relations student artists have with the work they encounter in an educational context? Could contemporary arts practices of parody, appropriation, satire and homage act as processes that ‘flip’ the exemplar? What are the possible ramifications of using exemplars as visual benchmarks for assessment, in place of, or in concert with, textual criteria (“This is an A project…” “This is a B project…”)?

Voke is interested in new voices within art education, presenting their ideas in unorthodox ways. We hope that this call for our second issue will encourage submissions from artists, researchers, and educators working in K-12, higher ed, or outside of conventional school contexts.


Full details on proposal requirements may be found at http://www.vokeart.org/submissions

Wondering “What exactly is visualized research?” Check out our brief overview at http://www.vokeart.org/?page_id=143#whatis

Interested contributors may use the proposal submission form linked above, and further questions can be directed to us at editors@vokeart.org.