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QueerSource Anthem: Call for Submissions

  • Deadline:
    April 3, 2014, 11:59 p.m.
  • Location:
    Where Queers Exist,

from queers all over the world.

Sing a Queer Word with your Queer Voice and we will weave a Queer Anthem!


QueerSource Anthem is a crowdsourcing collaboration that can only happen with your contribution. Toronto-based artist Alvis Parsley and Berlin-based sound artist Aubrey Heichemer ask queer-identified people from all over the world to submit a word of their choice to be part of a new song that will be exhibited at Queer Prophesies as part of the National Queer Arts Festival 2014.

We create this project in response to a queer prophesy: "We are physically unrecognizable to each other but we still find each other through song, letting our voices be our connection."

You are invited to record a short audio clip in which you sing/say/mumble a word that you believe should be included in this crowdsourced queer anthem – just one word – for when we don’t recognize each other in the future.

We will collect these audio clips and weave them together to create an anthem.

Step 1: Choose a word. Which word represents your queer future? Which word represents you in this future? We encourage you to sing the word in your own language to represent the diversity of the queer world.

Step 2: Sing/say/mumble the word and record it. You don't need to be a "singer" to do this! How would you deliver this word if your voice is the only way you will be recognized in the future? Would you sing it alone or with others? Maybe your roommate or friends would sing it with you?
How to record: Use your smartphone (e.g. Voice Memos on iPhone), laptop or camera. You can also record directly on Soundcloud from your laptop without downloading any software if you click here and sign up for a soundcloud account: http://soundcloud.com/groups/queer-stories-forever/dropbox

Step 3:
- Upload the clip to Soundcloud on this specific page: (http://soundcloud.com/groups/queer-stories-forever/dropbox), or
- Email it to alvischoi@gmail.com

*Quiet background.
*Only start singing after it begins recording so you are recording the entire sound. Check before you send it!
*Sing or whisper clearly to the mic.
*Ask people to sing with you if you like.
*Play with your voice! Be creative!
*Invite others to submit their own :)

All submissions will be accepted. The QueerSource Anthem will be shown at Queer Prophesies on 19 June 2014 in the Bay Area as part of the 2014 National Queer Arts Festival. Be part of the queervolution!


Debuting at the 2014 National Queer Arts Festival, Queer Prophesies is a multidisciplinary event featuring performances and an art exhibition that will explore queer visions of the future, queer futurity and queer utopia(s). Mainstream gay and lesbian ideas of "progress" have always dominated the discussion of what a queer future looks like - total assimilation into heteronormativity. Queer Prophesies provides a space to resist this narrative and use the collective imagination of the queer community to envision and create alternative queer futures in collaboration with exceptional queer artists.