Version>04: invisibleNetworks DEADLINE Invisible College PROJECT THREAD

  • Deadline:
    March 15, 2004, midnight

Version>04: invisibleNetworks convergence
April 16 - May 1 , 2004 Chicago

Version>04: invisibleNetworks

Version>04 will feature several project and filtering threads that center on revealing practices of intervention, exposure and connectivity. The projects are also efforts in creating and expanding collaborative networks of resistance cultures and activities. Many of these projects allow participants to share their ideas and work without being physically present at the convergence.

1. Invisible College
DEADLINE for project submission March 15, 2004

1. Invisible College
The Invisible College is a space for open collaborative media projects, performance and workshops. Blurring the line between presentation and particpation, it's focus is on expanding social and cultural distribution networks thru using emerging, archaic and current techonology with community exchange practices. It's goal is to facilitate connections between creative and political networks by presenting, documenting and archiving projects and practices revealed during the convergence. The college will feature video production, publication and performance workshops that make use of participant media and documentations during the convergence.
The Invisble College will act as a hub and incubator for activities during Version>04. Participants may create media to be aired and presented before during and after the Version>04 convergence. All media will be archived and viewable/listenable online, in print or on air. It will feature thematicly presented programs by groups and collectives, personal projects, presentations and performances. Instead of theory the College emphasises practice and experimentation. We will learn the art of making media and generating communicable ideas.
DEADLINE for project submission March 15, 2004
If you have an idea for a program, workshop or skillshare project please contact or erich ringbloom or joe proulx
The Invisible College is located at 1542 n milwaukee ave. chicago il usa.