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Call for entries: Collective Trauma Film Collections

  • Deadline:
    July 1, 2014, midnight
  • Location:
    Cologne/Germany, DE

Call for entries
deadline: 1 July 2014

CTF - Collective Trauma Film Collections
is a wordwide unique initiative by Agricola de Cologne, director of Cologne International Videoart Festival and Cologne Art & Moving Images Award in the context of CTF - Collective Trauma Film Collections addressed to the young generations of artists and filmmakers to deal with the topic of collective trauma caused by totalitarianism by using new technologies and new approaches in art in oder to keep vivid the memory of this collective trauma.

Launched in 2012, CTF - Collective Trauma Film Collections incorporating the collections SFC - Shoah Film Collection - http://sfc.engad.org - and Cambodia 1975-1979 - http://cambodia.engad.org like the Cambodian genocide 1975-1979, would like to make collective trauma a topic in art by reflecting the Argentine Holocaust - the genocide under the military rulers of Argentina of the 20th century, the Stalinism in Russia and other Easter European countries, like the massacre of Srerbrenica, the genocides in Rwanda or Guatemala, the repressions in Tibet or the xenophobic behaviour of your neighbor or probably your own intolerance, helping to understand the PAST, the PRESENT and FUTURE by sensitizing via art.

Details, regulations and entry form

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