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Peripheral ARTeries - International Call for Artists - 5th edition

  • Deadline:
    May 16, 2014, 11:50 p.m.

Peripheral ARTeries is inviting entries to find the most interesting emerging worldwide artists in various fine arts disciplines.

The contest, on its 5th edition, comes under the sign of collaborative networking and will once again explore and show current trends and tendencies in Contemporary Art.

You can view one of the previous issues of our art review directly at http://issuu.com/artpress/docs/peripheral_arteries_art_review_-_ja

All we aim to is to encouraging artists to innovate and create. Each artist may submit a maximum of three works made in any technique:

- Painting
- Photography
- Video Art & Short Film
- Mixed Media
- Installation
- Public Art
- Performance

How to submit

Just fill the entry form that you can find at: http://peripheralarteries.yolasite.com/submit-your-artworks.php

You can send related data such as pdf, video, links and pictures
directly to: peripheral_arteries@dr.com

Even though we are open to all proposed forms of art and media, we use to focus to works which causes people to reflect on the larger community and a kind of art capable of changelling the viewers’ traditional perspective on art itself.

Personal statements incuding also biographical informations are welcomed too.

The call will be closed after May 16th, 2014
There are no entry fees and it turns to the broader public.