"Unbound" A Tribute to Aaron Swartz opens March 28, 6-9 PM

  • Deadline:
    March 28, 2014, 6 a.m.
  • Location:
    ThoughtWorks, 99 Madison Avenue, New York, New York

Unboud" A Tribute to Aaron Swartz with a piece by Volumetric Society Director and Curator Ellen Pearlman, in collaboration with our fantastic partner Andrew McWilliams at ThoughtWorks opens on March 28, 6-9 pm.

In order to enter the building after hours you need to RSVP at


Please don't just show up at the last minute without an RSVP, it will mess up our wonderful host ThoughtWorks.

“Unbound: A Tribute to Aaron Swartz” was conceived to honor Aaron’s lifelong pursuit of justice and to amplify his contributions to society. The exhibit provides space to artists and activists who, like Aaron, challenge the status quo, disrupt unjust systems, give voice to the voiceless and build movements for justice and equity. Aaron used technology as a tool for positive social transformation and progress. Artists use their art.

It is difficult to capture the breadth of Aaron’s activism. He wanted government accountability and transparency. He wrote and spoke extensively about institutional corruption and crony capitalism. He helped create RSS feed to provide a platform for more people to be heard; Reddit to democratize media content creation; Open Libraries to make books widely accessible. He cofounded Creative Commons and Demand Progress. Aaron, by addressing a wide range of issues though his writings, research, and the development of nonprofits and technology tools, allows others to initiate their own movements for social change.

Unbound serves as a visual sociopolitical manifestation of Aaron’s journey. Unbound features a socioeconomically and diverse group of artists, presenting a variety of perspectives